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Knowing You Have OCD With Certainty

by Dr. Jonathan Grayson

Max in a post to this site asked what about convincing someone, with certainty, that they have OCD, since this would be comforting and reassuring. There are three problems with this approach. First, as I’ve noted elsewhere…

Answer to Patrick’s Obsessing about Obsessing Post

by Dr. Jonathan Grayson

Patrick, I assume you read the post article here about obsessing about obsessing, so I will not repeat what was there.  This form of OCD is a difficult one to help a sufferer understand what to do and I apologize if this doesn’t seem clear.  In your post you ask if you should ruminate and […]

Susan’s mental obsessions and religious concerns.

by Dr. Jonathan Grayson

Susan’s mental obsessions and religious concerns.We actually have a sizable number of Orthodox Jews in our practice with a variety of religious concerns. You describe a few different problems with your OCD: words and images you have in your head that you don’t like; concerns about your own level of observance and how G-d may […]

The Cruelest Obsession: Obsessing about Obsessing

by Dr. Jonathan Grayson

Most of the time, the feared consequences don’t occur – your family doesn’t contract AIDS, you don’t turn into a serial killer, you don’t molest your children. For obsessing about obsessing the fear is the obsessions will never end and as a result life will be horrible because. And it’s true…

Coping With Uncertainty – Your Don’t Ritualize Enough

by Dr. Jonathan Grayson

The goal of ERP is NEVER to prove that anything is safe. The goal of treatment is deciding the you need to learn to live with uncertainty. The world is full of low and high probability dangers. You are at greater risk to be in a car accident than you are to suffer from your fears and yet you might risk death to see a movie…